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The Blake Wood Stack Platform Bed

Go ahead! Take a few steps back and take a run at it! Ready....set....flying leap..........WAIT!!! don't forget the Mattress!!
That's exactly what you will want to do after this impressive bedroom center piece arrives! Its a pleasure to introduce to you our newest addition to the Sustain Furniture family of finely crafted wood furniture, The Blake Wood Stack Bed!
With the mattress applied this bed has the illusion of being a big stack of beautiful, heavy reclaimed lumber neatly piled to support you while you sleep! Reclaimed from the floor of an antique Canadian Barn, these timbers are full of the gorgeous character and patina you can always expect from Sustain Furniture.
3" hemlock boards lay flat on standing boards of the same thickness, with the end grains exposed along the foot rail. Extending past the mattress edge 6 to 7 inches both sides and the end. With the slats hidden the illusion of a platform made from stacked wood is complete! We have combined this design with our amazing waterfall edged reclaimed barn board Headboard. Extended to the floor with a height of 36" and a 3" edge it becomes a key feature to top off this amazing piece of handmade furniture!
A custom blended brown noir stain brings out the regal side to this otherwise robust power bed but as always at Sustain Furniture the final finish choice is all yours! Natural antique patina or perhaps a colour all your own! The sky is truly the limit!
Listed dimensions are approximate and are customizable to suit your needs.
Height to top of platform...11"
overall floor space required
width x length
Queen..72"x 90"      mattress 60x80
King..    89"x 90"     mattress 76x80

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